Please enter the name or nickname you want everyone to know you as at PhreakNIC.

Adult badge name: $30

Please note our registration page links to Paypal. If there is a question of your identity when you pick up your badge we may ask details (for instance, when you purchased and your email) to confirm your Paypal transaction.

Nashville 2600 Membership

Member name: $30

Nashville 2600 Memberships are open to those located in the Middle Tennessee area. Note that membership requires that you attend at least 2 meetings per year.

Child Registration


Again, this year, we are catering to younger children with specific workshops on Saturday. To that end, we have a youth badge available for $25 (which includes materials). Badge names for children may be a real name or a pseudonym.

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult who has purchased their own badge.

Child badge name: $25


If you'd also like to reserve a T-shirt, please select a size. There are some sizes we can offer for pre-registration that we won't offer at the conference, due to limited demand.

Tshirt size: $20


We also will have hoodies, which have proven to be quite popular. At this time, we will have a very limited quantity of additional hoodies (as in, 1 or 2 per size) available at the conference. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. The only way to guarantee yourself a hoodie is to preorder one.

Hoodie size: $40

Your registration price is fully deductible as a charitable contribution to Nashville 2600 Organization (a charitable organization classified under IRS code 501(c)(3)). If you bought a current year's T-shirt, the fair market value has been determined to be $15.00, which must be subtracted from the price of your purchase to determine the donated value for the purpose of deductibility. Since shirts from previous PhreakNICs were sold below what could otherwise be considered fair market value, purchases of those older shirts are not deductible.

Additionally, if you volunteered any time at PhreakNIC, whether it be for setup, teardown, speaking, AV work, etc., your incidental expenses may be deductible. These expenses may include items such as any necessary overnight stays at the hotel, food expenses, and mileage driven to be there. It notably does not include your time, however. If you're interested in more details, please contact a qualified tax professional.